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And if I put it on fb then my dad'll see it :D

My dad is turning 65 in 2018 ... I know it's a long ways off, but ... I came up with an awesome birthday present for him and my sister's totally on board!!

We are going to make plans to take our dad to Hawaii to the Aulani resort for a week!!!!

OMG I'm so excited!!!
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First ... the creepy attorney who used to live in our office ... got all the girls roses.  Either one or two a piece ... kinda creepy but hey, I'm not going to turn down flowers.

THEN ... someone from AT&T was working on the street and cut our whole phone system ... no calls in, no calls out, no internet, no emails ... we were in a little office bubble ...

Weird, weird day.

But Suits tonight, yay!
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It was an amazing night!

Me and Karen and Cin all sat like ... 5 rows back and we had really good views.  The Season 2.5 premiere is ... wow.  Doesn't pull me quite through the ringer as most of Season 2, and there was plenty of comedy there too.  I think everyone is really going to enjoy it.

The Q&A was amazing.  Me and Cin managed to get it so Karen could ask her question, we just kept pointing at her *g*

They are all just as flawless in person as they are on screen.

The whole thing was streaming on the web and apparently someone *cough*Meg*cough* said you could hear me laugh ... goodness.

Anyway, still trying to process ... it's just unreal.
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We celebrated Christmas with my dad's side last night and it was amazing!  My dad has been working on clearing out my uncle's house which is PACKED with stuff ... well, he took a couple of boxes over to my Aunt Loni's house and when we pried them open we found ... pictures.  Hundreds of pictures, some dating all the way back to 1928!  I managed to get some pictures of pictures ... I wanted to share them here ... a look at my past, a bit of where I came from :D

Pictures Be Here )
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It's been 13 years.

I was two and a half months into my eighteenth year when my mom passed. It was the most painful thing ever and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.  The depression was so debilitating that I almost succumbed ... on multiple occasions.

But I pushed through and I'm better for it.

I miss my mom, all the time..  But I know that if she were still alive ... I wouldn't be the person I am today.  I wouldn't have all these amazing friends and be on this amazing journey of self discovery.

So I guess ... Thanks, Mom ... for getting me to exactly where I needed to be.

Mom and Dad
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Yesterday was a DAY! We had oppositions to TWELVE motions due ... it was a total of 28 documents that had to be printed, signed, electronically filed, served via email, overnight delivery and US Mail ...

I got into the office at 7:30 a.m. and didn't climb into my car until a little after 11:00 p.m.! Fifteen and a half hours WITHOUT lunch ...

We would have been there later, but my boss, his daughter and someone else from the office showed up at the office around 10:15 or so and helped us get them all packed up, labeled and posted for mail ... I kind of wish I'd had the time to video my boss ... he was sitting on the floor, jacket and tie off, stuffing documents into envelopes ... AND he offered to take them all to the post office today, so it saved me and my manager from doing it.

But yeah ... tired.
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So I get to go see Eric Church tonight in concert because I have epic awesome friends!!!!

Here's one of my fave Eric Church songs :D

Um ... Huh?

Nov. 2nd, 2012 07:13 pm
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I got pulled over while driving home ... apparently my registration sticker fell off (or got stolen) ... I showed the police officer my registration and he told me just to go to the DMV and get a new sticker ... and that I'd get pulled over a lot.  I thanked him and told him I'd be going tomorrow to fix it ...

Strange ... 

Y'all ...

Oct. 19th, 2012 09:41 pm
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I am a doofus!

I hit myself in the face today ... literally ... as in with my own hand.

I was at work, and went to swat a bug away, and instead smacked myself in the face.


Doofus, thy name is Becky.
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I know I've been awy for a while ... other than posting stuff about 'Suits' LOL

I don't know if I mentioned it before but I got a promotion and another raise!  I'm now a legal assistant and now on salary which is both awesome and horrible LOL

I took my notary class and totes passed!  Just waiting for the background check to go through so I can take my oath and be a notary :)

Our office now has all the fencing along our back balcony to keep kids from breaking our windows and there are these prongs that face outwards and ... yeah.  Uh-huh.  Very attractive LOL ... Although yesterday the people who were doing the welding accidentally set some dry brush on fire ... they got it out quickly but.  Dude.

I'm totes into Suits at the moment (but also waiting for NCIS to come back).  I've written like tons of fics (11 to be exact) and posted them to AO3 :) ... I also signed up for the Small Fandom Big Bang to write for Suits ... 10k ... I can do it, right?
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Dude, got to work today and we had SEVEN broken windows!!!  WTF people!

Busy day at work.  Didn't get lunch until close to 2, and only took a partial lunch at that.

On the plus side, this happened:

Me: *says something suitably witty*
Coworker:  You'll make me choke on my nuts!
Me: ... *cracks up*
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Unfortunately it looks like the psuedo roommate is moving out.  We've been letting a friend of my sister's stay here for a couple of weeks while he looks for a room to rent ... 

He looks a bit like Colton Haynes ... Here's a picture for reference:

Anyway ... he went to get a haircut today (and we all know how much that gets me going LOL) and it was all nice and short when he got back and I just itched to rub his head LOL ... but no

THEN ... I find out ... he was in the Marines.  He joined right out of high school and did a four year stint.  Yeah ... buttons pushed LOL

That's it. :)

RL Update

Jun. 27th, 2012 07:37 pm
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So work was a cluster today ... just busy and full of phone calls and trying to arrange for a process server tonight in New York (which was epically hard,btw, trying to do that at 2:30pm PST)

Then I got home and my sister just called.  My uncle will be in the hospital for a while.  They did one stent today, tomorrow they're going to do the carotid stent and then ... he's going to have a triple bypass.

So yeah.  That was my day.
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My dad's brother is going into the hospital tomorrow.

He's having a stent put into an artery near his heart because it's super blocked.

In a week or so, he's going back in to have another stent put in one of the arteries in his neck.  He's got two blocked arteries in his neck - one is 60% blocked and the other is 90% blocked O.o ... they're putting the stent in the 90% blocked one.

Just a little freaked out.


May. 28th, 2012 05:51 pm
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Made it home safe and sound!  It was a helluva drive and I'm really glad I have tomorrow off ... 

So ... what did I miss?  *wink*
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Well, the internet will be a bit quieter this weekend!  I'm heading up north for the weekend and I won't be back until Monday evening ... 

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone and I'll catch you on the flipside!!  :D :D
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I heard about this article this morning on KROQ and they were talking about the comments to it (don't read them btw, it'll only piss you off).  And I really just have to commend Tom Gabel for being true to himself and making that decision ... it can't be easy.

Kevin and Bean actually asked for transgender or those who know transgendered people to call in and it was really fascinating.  They had a FTM transgendered call in, the ex-wife of a transgendered call in (they're still friends :D ) and the mother of a child who is living as a girl ... and when she's 16 will make the decision for herself whether she wants to keep going ...

I was really intrigued and wish they'd had a longer segment on it ...

That's all. :D
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So ... we have a new hire.  He's 24 and pretty darn cute.  He's been here for two weeks now.  Last week he forgot that we have casual Fridays, but he remembered today.  I commented on it when he was clocking in.  Well, our part time receptionist was there, too

So, I go back to my desk and our new hire goes to his.  The receptionist buzzes my desk (which means it's on speakerphone) and says:

"You just wanted to see his cute butt in a pair of Levis."

I snatched the phone right up!  I was totally embarrassed!!!!!

Good Day!

Apr. 7th, 2012 05:15 pm
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Hung out with one of my good friend [ profile] dcompose ... We went to go see 'Mirror, Mirror', which was super cute, and then had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe ... which was absolutely delicious!

Then we walked Downtown Disney and ended up in the Fossil store ... where I bought this:

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I have been promoted!  I am no longer a legal clerk, but am now a legal secretary ... I got a pay raise and I don't have to clock in and out anymore!!!

Although I was freaked out for a bit ... the human resources lady said she wanted see me after I clocked out ... So for the last 10 minutes of the day I was replaying the last few weeks wondering what I did ... So, then I get to her office and she asks if I brought Jen (my manager) with me ... I was like 'no' ... So she gets Jen to come in.  Jen's all ... 'Busted!  I'm just kidding' ... omg she scared the crap out of me!

But yes, promotion ... which comes with more responsibilities and ... more money!!!

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