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May. 3rd, 2016 06:43 am
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In the mood for some new books to read ... actual books not fic LOL

So send me your book recs!
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I watched an episode of 'Cold Case' last night that really struck me ... and remained with me even today.  It made me very very happy to be living in the world and time I live in now.

Ever have a show that has those characters that are only in one episode but stick with you?  Make you want to find fic that makes it better?  Yeah ... 
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I had a weird dream last night ...

I dreamt that Daniel Craig and Ryan Reynolds were ... Pregnant.  Yep, pregnant.  Big, bulging bellies and all ...

I don't know where it came from.

I don't really even like Daniel Craig all that much.

Whiskey.  Tango.  Foxtrot.
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I had to talk to Amazon and get them to send me a replacement package of the Maze Runner series, because they say the delivered it .... but they didn't.

So I check UPS right now and ... it looks like this:

From Seattle to Portland to DES MOINES to LOUISVILLE?  I live in California!  Can't they just shoot it down the West Coast?

*is confused*

In other new, long day is LONG!
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So ... I heard that America's Next Top Model is doing Guys v. Girls this coming season and so ... I thought I would do a guy version with all my current fave characters from TV ... so ... here is it.

My All Male Television Fandom America's Next Top Model

  1. Mike Ross - Suits

  2. Harvey Specter - Suits

  3. Derek Hale - Teen Wolf

  4. Stiles Stillinski - Teen Wolf

  5. Scott McCall - Teen Wolf

  6. Isaac Lahey - Teen Wolf

  7. Danny Mahealani - Teen Wolf

  8. Jackson Whitmore - Teen Wolf / Roy Harper - Arrow  (I can't decide who I want there more lol)

  9. Logan Echolls - Veronica Mars

  10. Dick Casablancas - Veronica Mars

  11. Cassidy Casablancas - Veronica Mars

  12. Jon Snow - Game of Thrones

  13. Gendry - Game of Thrones

  14. Marty Deeks - NCIS: LA

So, what do you think?  Who do you think should win?  Who do you think would be the first to go home?

Temped to do a poll every week to weed out someone each week until we get to the winner ... silly, yeah?


Jul. 19th, 2013 12:24 pm
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Really trying to get back into using this thing ... so some randomness!

America's Next Top Model is coming back in August ... I haven't watched in like, 4 years, but ... this season is 'Guys v. Girls' ... I'm intrigued.  I might have to watch.  Although it's only going to feed all the bunnies that pop up about all my fave boys competing to be a top model ... *facepalm*

In other news I bought the new Fall Out Boy album 'Save Rock and Roll' while I was on vacation and I absolutely LOVE it ... like, hardcore in love with it.  They did a song featuring Elton FUCKING John!!!!  I mean ... *loves* ... it's a great album and I highly recommend it!
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Feel free to skip past this LOL

I happen to have quite a few moles ... genetically disposed to them, I guess.

Anyway, I have this one under my left arm, just below my armpit ... It has a tiny base and had a pretty big head ... Thursday night it started to ... well ... come off.  The big head was hanging on by a thread, so I went to my dad and he came with me into the bathroom and snipped the head off with a pair of nail scissors!  It didn't hurt when he did it, but then we put an antibacterial bandaid on it and boy, did it start to sting!  It didn't bleed through the bandaid though, which is good.

I kept the bandaid on all yesterday and last night, only taking it off this morning when I showered ... OUCH!  The water stung and the thing was still super tender.  So I have a bandaid on it again.

Also, Thursday night I dreamed about work (where one of the lawyers was yelling at me over the paging system), and last night I had a dream that was a weird mix of family and Teen Wolf wherein instead of watching Stiles and Derek interact, I was actually Stiles (strange, I know)

Yeah ... strangeness 
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I've seen this video before and ... it's deliciously erotic.  It's one of ... six videos, I think? It's a series called the Hysterical Literature Sessions.  They're all women reading from books they love and ... pleasuring themselves.

You can hear it in their voices when they start to get really really aroused and each of them orgasm on screen.

This one is Stoya ... the first one in the series and my personal favorite:

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Anyone else reading 'The Lost Hero' series by Rick Riordan featuring characters from the Percy Jackson series??

I just finished 'Mark of Athena' and ... omg I have a YEAR until the next book!

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Unfortunately it looks like the psuedo roommate is moving out.  We've been letting a friend of my sister's stay here for a couple of weeks while he looks for a room to rent ... 

He looks a bit like Colton Haynes ... Here's a picture for reference:

Anyway ... he went to get a haircut today (and we all know how much that gets me going LOL) and it was all nice and short when he got back and I just itched to rub his head LOL ... but no

THEN ... I find out ... he was in the Marines.  He joined right out of high school and did a four year stint.  Yeah ... buttons pushed LOL

That's it. :)
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Went to Target this morning ... went looking for John Carter but they were sold out! *pouts*

Instead I bought Season 3 of 'White Collar' LOL ... I'm spending the day trying to catch up on Season 2 LOL
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I heard this on the way to work this morning ... Coldplay doing a cover of Beastie Boys' "Fight for your Right" ... It's so strange!!!  It's the song, but in Coldplay's style ... 

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I heard about this article this morning on KROQ and they were talking about the comments to it (don't read them btw, it'll only piss you off).  And I really just have to commend Tom Gabel for being true to himself and making that decision ... it can't be easy.

Kevin and Bean actually asked for transgender or those who know transgendered people to call in and it was really fascinating.  They had a FTM transgendered call in, the ex-wife of a transgendered call in (they're still friends :D ) and the mother of a child who is living as a girl ... and when she's 16 will make the decision for herself whether she wants to keep going ...

I was really intrigued and wish they'd had a longer segment on it ...

That's all. :D
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So, every year when I get my money back from my taxes, I like to splurge a little and buy myself something nice normally something electronic LOL

But ... I don't quite know what I want to splurge on this year ... 

Any suggestions?
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Let me back up a bit LOL

I was hanging out with one of my besties, who I've known for ... 14 years?  Anyway, we were heading out of DCA (Disney California Adventure) and over to Disneyland.  As we're walking, there's a teenage boy headed our way with his right hand out ... like he was waiting for someone to give him a high five.

So I obliged him *g* ... and as he passed by he yelled 'I LOVE YOU!' ... I hope I made that kid's night.

I like to think I did. :D
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[ profile] dietpunkfics posted this on twitter but I just HAD to share!!!

51 Christian Friendly Words for Penis

    Satan scepter
    God’s pinky finger
    Twiddle rompus
    Twaddle stick
    Flesh sword
    Rod of life
    DNA rifle
    Colorado spitting viper
    Master dangle
    Tadpole torpedo
    Life muscle
    Fleshy Roman spear
    Sin stick
    Johnson’s little fishing buddy
    Love lure
    Dwaddle vein
    Zulu chucking spear (this is for black people)
    Sin snake
    Squirt dart
    Puking flesh weasel
    Unmuzzled wagtail
    Beefy apple-Johnny
    Moses’ staff
    Pommel horse
    Fat-kidney bean
    God’s harpoon
    Tickle dangus
    Danish dizzy eye
    Henry’s knob
    Temptation wand
    Mister Thomas
    Roman pike
    Baker’s rolling pin
    Satan’s shovel
    Micheal’s short arm
    Secret lollipop
    Demon capped hankle (for non-circumcised males)
    Magic tobacco pipe
    Pan’s flute
    Cupid’s arrow
    Vaginal plug
    Venus ruler
    Oozing whistle
    Meat banana
    Gobble missile
    Tangy tart trombone
    City slicker
    Musky man candy
    Drizzle spout

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Just wanted to drop a line and wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day (or Happy Single Person Appreciation Day *g*)

It was a super busy day ... didn't get lunch until 1:30 ... but my manager made cupcakes!!!

I had two chocolate/strawberry cupcakes and one chocolate/banana cupcake ... yep gave myself a sugar rush LOL
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I really just have to share this song ... I have such epic ♥ for it ... and the lyrics are just amazing ... I feel like it really is a battle cry ... for whatever you are battling, it is a cry to fight against it.

Look under the cut for the song and the lyrics.
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Jan. 29th, 2012 02:34 pm
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So apparently in Barnes and Noble, they keep the gay erotica on half a shelf in the Cultural Studies section ...


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