Dec. 4th, 2016 09:23 am
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Okay, so yesterday I hauled by butt up the Staples Center/Microsoft Theater where the LA Premiere of 'Sing' was going on.  I met up with a friend of mine, who met up with two other friends of hers (and a random girl we met) because we were all there to see the same person.

Taron Egerton. (Kingsman, Eddie the Eagle)

So ... we were on the Staples Center side, looking at ... mesh on fencing.  Yep.  They had fenced off the WHOLE THING.  So, unless you had a ticket to the premiere, you couldn't see anything.  And then, the security for the Staples Center was SUPER RUDE and pushed everyone who was there 'off their property' and we even got told 'I would hate to have you arrested' ... dude.

We (the five of us) moved to the other side of the Microsoft Theater, and tried to look incospicuous - there were a bunch of people meandering around so it wasn't too bad.  Stars were supposed to be arriving at 3 and the movie was supposed to start at 4 ... it got past 4pm and we started to loose hope ... One of the girls had looked on twitter and found that 'Sing' was doing a 'livestream' and Taron had just taken a picture four minutes earlier on the red carpet.

And then.  I spot someone through the mesh.  Wearing what Taron was photographed wearing.  And then some random woman who had appeared reminded us that there were GLASS WINDOWS around the corner that he had to walk by.  So we booked it around the corner and got his attention and he smiled and waved and BLEW US ALL A FUCKING KISS!!!!


(pictures taken by [ profile] krissielee)

So ... life made. (Oh, I also saw Matthew McConaughey)


Feb. 16th, 2015 06:51 am
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Go.  See it.  It is completely awesome!  See below the cut for spoilery thoughts/reactions
Spoilerish )

Iron Man 3

May. 4th, 2013 09:27 am
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Saw it last night in 3D and ...woah!!!  Just amazing!!

Some random thoughts:

*  Love how, while full of action, there was definitely a focus on relationships
*  Barrel of Monkeys!  Never going to get old!
*  That kid ... you know the one. He stole each scene he was in!
*  Ben Kingsley!!!  OMG!!!  HE stole every scene he was in!!!!
*  Stay until after the credits ... just trust me.  Stay.

Also, big plus of getting to see the new Star Trek trailer IN 3D!!!!  *flails*
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OMG this movie was awesome!  it had a great use of voiceover and I LOVE Nicholas Hoult!  John Malkovich did a good job and Teresa Palmer has an aura of Kristen Stewart about her, but I like her better than KStew LOL

I would seriously seriously recommend this movie ... there are zombies, yes, but it's not scary.  If it was scary, I wouldn't see it LOL

Very good movie ...

And here, have a pretty picture of Nicholas Hoult:

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