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So, I wrote a couple of drabbles a while ago in the Suits fandom over on Tumblr about Harvey being disbarred, and a while ago decided to post them as a small ficlet on AO3 ... it's here if you're curious:

So, this morning I wake up to find this comment on the fic:

"Two things, one its debarred and two Mike is a lawyer because he passed the bar exam, the lie is about him going to Harvard's law school. Good fic though"

Rant Rant Rant )

I just had to bite back the urge to rant at this person.  So I decided I would just rant it out here.
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Any of my Suits friends still on here?  :D

So, I randomly woke up this morning at 5:15am ... because my internal clock sucks LOL ...and I got a bunny (of course)

Anyone ever see the movie "Defending Your Life" with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep?  It's about a man who dies, and goes to like ... a way station on his way to Heaven ... where they review his life and decide if he gets to move on or go back and be reborn.  There is an attorney who assists him, but while Albert Brooks' character is there, he meets a woman, played by Meryl Streep and falls in love ... I won't spoil the movie if you haven't seen it ... I highly recommend it

ANYWAY, my Suits bunny is this ... Mike dies (*wibble*) and gets sent to the way station.  Harvey is his attorney helping to make sure he makes it to the next step ... Harvey on Earth was a prosecutor and now in Heaven (or whatever passes as Heaven) he helps defend instead.  So ... Mike and Harvey really hit it off, but Harvey can't get involved with his client, that's a no-no ... and and at the end Mike almost gets sent back but he ends up going forward instead ... and then time passes and Mike comes back to work and become a defender like Harvey and then ... they hook up!  Happily ever after!  :D
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So ... I was going to do a review of last night's Suits (which I had to watch late because stuck at work >.<) ... but ... I read [ profile] mskatej's review and ... Yep.  She said everything I was thinking.

So if you want to know what I thought, go read her review LOL ... it's here
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So ... I heard that America's Next Top Model is doing Guys v. Girls this coming season and so ... I thought I would do a guy version with all my current fave characters from TV ... so ... here is it.

My All Male Television Fandom America's Next Top Model

  1. Mike Ross - Suits

  2. Harvey Specter - Suits

  3. Derek Hale - Teen Wolf

  4. Stiles Stillinski - Teen Wolf

  5. Scott McCall - Teen Wolf

  6. Isaac Lahey - Teen Wolf

  7. Danny Mahealani - Teen Wolf

  8. Jackson Whitmore - Teen Wolf / Roy Harper - Arrow  (I can't decide who I want there more lol)

  9. Logan Echolls - Veronica Mars

  10. Dick Casablancas - Veronica Mars

  11. Cassidy Casablancas - Veronica Mars

  12. Jon Snow - Game of Thrones

  13. Gendry - Game of Thrones

  14. Marty Deeks - NCIS: LA

So, what do you think?  Who do you think should win?  Who do you think would be the first to go home?

Temped to do a poll every week to weed out someone each week until we get to the winner ... silly, yeah?


Jul. 17th, 2013 01:46 pm
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I think I might need to watch Suits again so I can fully digest and make comments ... there were some things I loved, some things that made me wibbly and some things that kinda ticked me off, but ... MY SHOW IS BACK!!!  *bounces happily*
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I love, love, love world building in fics ... I love when people can create a world in fic so believable that it seems ... real.  I just finished this Suits fic (for the third time) called Subspace by poppypickford and ... the details are amazing.  Of course, my mind fixates on the little detail about Subs in the universe wearing their hair longer, but Mike (a Sub pretending to be a Dom) wears it short and Harvey likes it like that ... my brain would fixate on that part LOL

Then I went on to read a fic in another fandom (Teen Wolf) and it had Stiles dressing in drag, which I love, but ... Stiles became this ... flamboyant person who walked around with jewels by his eyes and flouncing around in feather boas all the time.  It felt fake and forced and ... I couldn't finish the fic.  It just irked me ...

Here ends my squees and rants for the day ... maybe LOL
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So I was in the shower this morning and the Warbler's version of 'Silly Love Songs' came on my iPod and my dream last night came rushing back and I started laughing ... 

I was at some big library/business building in the mountains, and there was a TON of snow ... I was outside when all of a sudden this big group of people started doing this ... flashmob accapella thing of the song 'Silly Love Songs' ... then I started singing along and a couple of the people pulled me aside and ask me to join the group ... 

So we have some meetup and it turns into some hair fetish meetup?  IDK ... 

THEN!  I end up at Gina Torres' house for some gathering and then Patrick Adams, Rick Hoffman and Gabriel Macht all show up and I'm just ... chilling with them ... 

Then I woke up. :(
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O.M.G. this episode!!!!!!  I really have no words for how epic it was!!!!!

*Louis — KILLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!  Every single fucking scene he was in was epically awesome.  And that last scene with Harvey and Louis?  Without saying a word, just … WOW.
*Mike — Again, rocked it.  And I love that you saw him really trying to get his shit together, help Harvey, help Harold!  And he took that beating and even admitted he deserved it (which he did) … i
*Harvey — Vulnerable, HUMAN Harvey … *happy sigh* I kinda love it.  And good lord, his reaction when Mike first showed up all beat up.  First reaction was to kick the other guys’ ass?  Slashtastic!  And instantly knowing what Mike meant with the comment about Harvey’s mom and dad with a comment of ‘you got off easy’ … His first scene with Louis in Louis’ office was epic and the second one?  I have no words for how awesome both men were in that last scene WITHOUT SAYING A WORD!!!  *flails*

The whole episode was pretty fucking awesome, though.  I can’t wait for next week.  Seriously.
Suits is back, y’all!!!!
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It was an amazing night!

Me and Karen and Cin all sat like ... 5 rows back and we had really good views.  The Season 2.5 premiere is ... wow.  Doesn't pull me quite through the ringer as most of Season 2, and there was plenty of comedy there too.  I think everyone is really going to enjoy it.

The Q&A was amazing.  Me and Cin managed to get it so Karen could ask her question, we just kept pointing at her *g*

They are all just as flawless in person as they are on screen.

The whole thing was streaming on the web and apparently someone *cough*Meg*cough* said you could hear me laugh ... goodness.

Anyway, still trying to process ... it's just unreal.


Jan. 14th, 2013 06:50 am
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So ... how am I supposed to work today (even if it is only a half day) when I know I'll be going to the Paley Center today and seeing the Suits Season 2.5 premiere and the cast????

Seriously flailing here.
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Found this on [ profile] sinfulslasher's journal and I thought I'd give it a try because hey, I want people to write me stuff I love! So, yay, meme! *g*

Here's how the meme works:

Below, please find my five favorite kinks/tropes. Comment to this entry with a li'l ficlet focusing on one or all of them. Or...write a long epic and link to it here. Why would I give you a maximum word count?! LOL!

Since the meme is all about tit for tat, I'll peruse your meme and write you a comment fic in return.

See? Easy, ain't it? :)

1. Spanking -- whether it be bare handed, a paddling, anything! I'm game for everything!
2. Marking -- bruises, collars, piercing, tattoos, brands ... *shiver* Becky will be a happy fangirl!
3. Hair -- wash it, brush it, braid it, cut it, buzz it, I don't care!! If it's unwilling, I'm even giddier!!!
4. Clothes -- I love a man in a well tailored suit, or even a good pair of jeans with a leather jacket ... and seeing how their partner reacts is even better!!
5. Is domesticity a kink? If so, sign me up! Sharing the kitchen, setting the tree up for xmas, whatever and I'm good!

My fandoms of the moment: NCIS (Tony/Gibbs) and Suits (Harvey/Mike), but I used to dabble in Criminal Minds (Morgan/Reed) and Smallville (Clark/Lex).
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I have some of the best friends ever!!!!!!!

They went onto Twitter and got some of the Suits cast to wish me a happy birthday!!!!

Birthday Tweets
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I know I've been awy for a while ... other than posting stuff about 'Suits' LOL

I don't know if I mentioned it before but I got a promotion and another raise!  I'm now a legal assistant and now on salary which is both awesome and horrible LOL

I took my notary class and totes passed!  Just waiting for the background check to go through so I can take my oath and be a notary :)

Our office now has all the fencing along our back balcony to keep kids from breaking our windows and there are these prongs that face outwards and ... yeah.  Uh-huh.  Very attractive LOL ... Although yesterday the people who were doing the welding accidentally set some dry brush on fire ... they got it out quickly but.  Dude.

I'm totes into Suits at the moment (but also waiting for NCIS to come back).  I've written like tons of fics (11 to be exact) and posted them to AO3 :) ... I also signed up for the Small Fandom Big Bang to write for Suits ... 10k ... I can do it, right?
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What am I going to do until January???????

Okay, so for most of the episode I felt like punching Louis in the nuts ... I get that he finally felt like he had the respect he'd wanted for so long, but ... it still hurt.

And when he and Donna were talking ... amazing.

But then Louis redeemed himself at the end of the episode.

Patrick Adams deserves an award for the funeral scene.  Just ... UGH

I don't like Tess already.

OMG!  Mike and Harvey got high together!  And can we get Harvey smiling and laughing more?   Cuz ... GUH!!!!!!!!

Harvey and Tanner's scene in the boxing ring.  It was brilliant.

The final partner's meeting ... Louis redeemed himself.

And really?  I don't think Harvey will ever go for Managing Partner.  He respects Jessica too much.

I'm really hoping Louis doesn't bully things up.

I still don't like Tess.  And I'm sick of the 'will they, won't they' between Mike and Rachel.


Is is January yet?
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So I just finished the one 'Suits' fic I was working on, and posted it to AO3 :D[Poll #1861001]
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So ... last night ... I don't know if I've had time to fully process it, but ... woah.

Louis totally rocked it - standing up to Jessica and Hardman ...

Harvey trying to be honest and nice ... there was just too much animosity between him and Louis, I think.  I mean. he definitely tried.  Hell, he even told Jessica to have Louis take his office!

I'm glad Rachel passed her LSATs!  She's finally getting more plot instead of just being eye candy.

GRAMMY!  I literally sobbed!  Poor Mike ... I just ... I can't come to grips with it right now. 

And the preview for next week!
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So, I'm writing a proposal/wedding fic in the 'Suits' fandom ... I got the proposal done and I'm working towards the wedding but ... I have a couple of conundrums ... so I'm asking my friends what they think!  And so ... a poll!!![Poll #1859510]
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Okay, so nothing too insightful from last night's ep ... mostly squee!

Harvey in the present ... just ... I ached so hard and wanted to give him a hug.  And him and Jessica working in secret is kinda cool, but I think it sucks they're keeping Mike in the dark a bit on this ... 

Mike in the past both cracked me up and made me wanna hug him!  Those shorts and gloves!  And now we really know what set him on that path ... *cuddles Mike*

Louis in the present ... I kinda wanted to throttle him!

Harvey in the past ... with the news of his father ... *sobs* ... 

I want Zoe to come back! :D

Only two more episodes before the summer finale?  What will I do until winter?

Suits 2x07

Aug. 3rd, 2012 06:42 am
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Some fast and dirty thoughts about last night's ep:

Harvey's mom ... a door has opened!!!

Damn that Tanner!  I'm glad Harvey punched him!

REGINALD!!!!  *flails*

Canon bi!  "Who said I didn't try to sleep with Ted Phillips?" ... said oh so nonchalantly!  

LOUIS!!!  He knocked it out of the park!  And he totally loves Donna *nods*

Harvey listened to Mike(his boyfriend) and settled!!

Hardman ... grrrr ... he used the settlement as a way to try to knock Jessica out as Managing Partner ... bastard.

Previews for the Rewind ep!!!  *flails some more*

Suits 2x05

Jul. 27th, 2012 06:51 am
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I don't think have enough words for how awesome last night's ep was!!!

You all should totally go read [ profile] altyronsmaker's lj post about last night's ep because ... it's perfect.  *nods*  Perfect, perfect, perfect!!!

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